About Me

Professor Zurab MARSHANIA (PhD, MD) obtained his first PhD degree in Clinical Medicine in 1987 at the M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Scientific-Research Institute (See  Z. Marshania’s PhD Certificate). In 2012 he also obtained the second PhD degree in Political sciences. Professor Z. Marshania is highly qualified and certified Medical Doctor – Sexologist (See  his State Certificate for Sexology).Doctor Z. Marshania had trainings in Soviet Scientific-Methodical Center of Sexology at the Moscow Scientific-Research Institute of Psychiatry (See relevant Certificate). From 14 February to 25 March 2005 in Geneva, Switzerland, Doctor Z. Marshania completed the Research Training Course in Sexual Health Conducted at the World Health Organization and obtained the relevant certificate (See  above-mentioned Certificate).For many years Z. Marshania was the Head of Department of Andrology at the I. Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction (WHO Collaborating Center). In 2010 Professor Z. Marshania was elected as an Executive Vice-President of “Georgian Association of Male Health”. Since 2012 from today he is the Head of Department of Sexology of ENMEDIC Clinic – V. Iverieli Endocrinology, Metabiology & Dietology Center. At the same time Doctor Z. Marshania  is an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of Georgian National University (SEU) where he lectures Sexology within the framework of curriculums for Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychopathology. For many years Professor Z. Marshania also worked abroad and taught at I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University (Ukraine) and Tallinn University (Republic of Estonia). He is the author of more than 40 scientific and other publications (book, scientific articles, social and political essays) in the spheres of Sexology, Andrology and Social Sciences (in Georgian, English and Russian languages).  Professor Z. Marshania is fluent in English and Russian (French is working language and Georgian is mother tongue). He is married. He has a spouse and two grown-up daughters.